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Most of the present long-established organisations services i.e. They could no more represent the A&I Community than the local supermarket, chemist or even hotel. In other words, what we have is more "misrepresentation by omission" and more "obtaining money" under "false" pretences. Even though my facial features are probably at least as Aboriginal as 's involvement as a Leading Player in the Aboriginal Victim Industry (AVI) has delivered him a lifestyle that he would have only been able to dream about if not for the inherited knowledge and without the Influence Guidance and Support of his immediate relatives (these days, A couple of things, firstly my computer is a bit old and not in the best condition (like me) and I am trying to arrange for a newer and better one (I have to pay for it as I haven't got my Snout in the Gubberment Money Trough like As I have indicated, I have a Copy of the Damming Evidence (smoking gun.! And the doctors have told me that I have at least a couple of years left yet (copd ). No Salvoes to bring food out to the house and give them twenty or thirty dollar food vouchers (or is it more now? Saying that with all the Shit that I send by fax and have on This Website, he ain't gonna let me on.! The Only One in the Whole World to send faxes to Let's Talk and guests.! This in turn was the catalyst for the loss of ATSIC. I have "No Doubt" that somewhere in BIMA's Funding Submissions (and we're talking Millions) there is that Declaration and Commitment. I know that me being a Yella Fella (brown) I would have a better chance of hailing a taxi or being allowed into a pub or club simply because of my Colour. No food-banks like we have here all around the Country where we can just drive up and fill the boot of the car with a wide-ranging assortment of fresh and nutritious vegetables.

Then we have the Coastal Fringe, where in a lot of places, it was Paradise. This is why people like and others feel the need to Communicate Directly with heads of Government. It is the Failure of These People that led directly to the Loss of A. Well, Ill go through this site one more time, then thats it.! A Major Factor in the lives of the Original Peoples and Societies of This Country. The Inhospitable Interior, where Life for All, was Harsh and Unforgiving. Terrible for kids and the old and infirm, they went first. No mitigating circumstances with them old Blackfullas.! They were using the (some very large checks) Money deposited (to run the organisation) as a Private Bank. Misuse of organisation vehicles was an ongoing problem. Legal, Health, Child Care, Rehabs, Aboriginal Housing, Hostels and others were set up in the late 70s and early 80s. Many invest with 'The Aboriginal Bank' (TAB) Out-Standing examples of people very well acquainted with the Perpetual Gravy Train, the "Aboriginal Victim Industry" (A. I.) Inheriting our Great Great Great Grandchildren no more than Eternal Victim-Hood and in the Direction of, The Government Grant syndrome and Mentality. (right time right place) Knew or related to some-one on the board. Closed meetings where the same people keep getting elected all the time. Many, not necessarily suited to, or suitable for the positions.! What Managers of Organisations are on the Board of Others.? It is very difficult to obtain any information from Government funding bodies, Indigenous PSs and Administration and Management of A&I Organisations and Services re. Who was at meetings, who's the board members, or, the general state of affairs. Anyways, I just thought I'd share that story and I hope everything is alright with How many Hundreds of Millions of People from all around the World would give Almost Anything and go through and face Extremely Dangerous and Treacherous Journeys and People to be able to live in, and to give their Children the opportunity of the Aussie Lifestyle.!? The show about the Daravi Slums of Mumbai in India was on again last week. Whitefullas have to sort out this never-ending and endemic Alcohol Abuse Issues including Family Violence for us.... It would seem that we are Hopeless without Whitefullas ! Just like it was Completely Unexpected Ground-Breaking News.! (something that NIT is not known for) Instead it is nothing more than the same old same old. I pointed out on one of my sites that these long-time Protesters and Activists have become Punch-drunk and will strike out at anything. (alb)In the early years of setting up Aboriginal Organisations in Brisbane, much in-Fighting and Manipulating went on. Including Unsecured Loans (advanced wages) to Staff and Management. Most of the so-called role-models employed in A&I identified positions and A&I organisations that have received good wages and for many years, generally have nothing, or, very little to show for it. For instance, A&I Organisation AGMs, that no-one knows about. An insult to people that studied and done it hard for years to obtain knowledge and qualifications in their Chosen Field. I don't know what happened after that as I moved out from where I was at the time. The 0.00 (over 0 with rent assist) a fortnight on the Dole, and 0 for DSP is a huge sum to these People and many of the enterprising have started businesses on this income.! The Whitefullas have to sort out this terrible Child Abuse in our Communities for us. alb)This splashed across the front page of the NIT.