What is meant by validating parking

In drug testing, she said, “to validate” means “to demonstrate that a process maintains a desired level of compliance at all stages.” (I’ve subbed in the language of a Wikipedia entry to be sure I got it right.)validation?

I’ve been doing naming development in many areas, including technology, for many years, but I’d never been asked to “validate” a name.

Hours The Anchorage Square Garage is fully automated. This person asked me to “validate” a product name the company already uses.I read the request in the legal sense: “Confirm our position; tell us we’re doing the correct thing.” And I was flummoxed, because I don’t see my role as that of a rubber-stamp.After parking your car and creating your parking session through the Park RTC app or Credit Card Pay Station, visit a participating validating retailer to receive your numeric code validations!The numeric code can be entered into the mobile application or back at the Credit Card Pay Station for immediate validation.