Unconscious psychology dating

"People really don't have that level of accurate insight." It could be possible to use this new tool to test how important physical attraction is to people instead of relying on their questionnaire answers and adjusting their matches accordingly.

The unconscious word test matched with what the students were actually interested in when they met a real-life person in speed-dating scenarios.

"If a person tells me, for example, that she doesn't care about how attractive a guy is, our research suggests that her claim isn't worth all that much," study researcher Paul Eastwick, of Texas A&M University, said in a statement.

"Instead, it would actually be more useful to measure her reaction times on this new task," he said, referring to the word-association.

For example, the studies that have used these morphing techniques on computers to average a bunch of faces together to see what the average looks like, the more faces they put into that morph, the more it’s an average face. I mentioned earlier in the program that I was going to talk about the coffee cup in the room.

And those are actually judged by people who think they’re real faces, they’re judged as more attractive than the ones that are based on fewer people. You ran an experiment where you had people hold a cup of coffee without knowing it, and describe for us what you were looking for there.