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A “family band” is a strongly bonded group led by the band stallion and lead mare.Bachelor bands consist of young stallions that were forced out of each family at breeding age and older stallions that, for one reason or another, do not have a “harem” of mares.“Short term” for the wild horses currently listed for the Internet adoption event has literally been the majority of their lives.As BLM has no standard handling policy for roundups they also have no policy for facilities.In that case we have again won strong language against abuse (case still active to unjustified removals).Some of the “restrained activities” include: running horses into barbed wired, excessive hotshot use including on foals and running bands so that foals can not keep up. Yet the foals always suffer the most after they are pushed to their physical limits during capture and then torn from their families.We literally have thousands upon thousands of images and hours and hours of video. After capture the vast majority of youngsters were weaned (removed from their mothers) at the trap.

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The operation prior to this one in the Winnemucca district our legal action at Jackson Mountain as the agency ran newborn foals in June using a claim of drought unjustified area wide (we won).

The roundup operation that resulted in the capture of the wild horses featured on the current BLM Internet adoption took place in winter 2012/2013.

This operation resulted in horrific conduct that “rounded up” not only wild horses, but a lawsuit against the agency that is one of our active cases.

We published much on the Owyhee roundup and the images are available elsewhere on this website.

The gallery below focuses on the images we could actually capture involving the foals and some of the youngsters offered in the adoption event. The Owyhee wild horses were then transferred to the BLM “short-term” holding facility Palomino Valley Center north of Reno, Nevada.