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Since then, he has had recurrent problems with infections of that joint.

In 2013, Oxford University scholar Dirk Obbink announced the findings of two more pieces from Sappho—“The Brothers Poem” and “The Kypris Poem”—though there’s been attendant controversy, as aspects of the discovery are shrouded in secrecy.

She is believed to have been born on the island of Lesbos during the seventh century B.

C., with estimated birth dates ranging from 640–610 B. Oriented in the capital of Mytilene, Sappho was a highly lauded poet of her times noted for her viscerally sensual themes and may have been held in the same esteem as Homer.

Now, this essentially was a gentleman who, if you asked him when was he last healthy, would say it was when he was age 13.

He says that at age 13 he started having multiple skin infections, mostly involving the scalp area.