Nude wisconsin

The popular nudist haven on the lower Wisconsin River attracts as many as 70,000 visitors each year and is known to be the only legal nude beach in the Midwest.

Efforts in the state Legislature to close Mazo Beach and a ban on public nudity altogether have failed in the past.

Under the “Revenge porn bill”, anyone who disseminates a nude picture without the subject’s consent, regardless of whether the subject granted consent to capture the image, would be guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by up to ,000 in fines and nine months in jail.The weekday closure comes after the DNR closed the area at night, banned camping and installed a gate to block vehicles.About 68 acres of surrounding forestland have been closed off to discourage sex in the woods.OAK CREEK, WI — An Oak Creek contractor contacted police after they found unexpected photos taken by an employee on his company-issued cell phone.According to police reports, an employee uploaded inappropriate pictures onto a company-issued phone that had been issued to an employee until January 20, 2017.