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The situation is quite unconfortable now from the side of the one Who has sent the picture, even dangerous in homophobic contries!

This is a crucial point, it undermines interaction With People has now you shall always know that anybody you contact even liars and pervert can keep all the pictures you have sent.

My dear friend Ryan appropriately pointed out that Rapportive completely defeats this now that they show you social profiles right alongside emails.

These were Facebook lists and Google circles that people actually used. Finding the best custom login and logout sounds for your friends.

Well, I know people from my own country who do things differently to me, too.

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I’d go so far as to say this – the of AIM helped groom a generation of digital kids, multi-taskers who did homework with multiple chat windows open plus a textbook plus music playing.

DELETE conversation/ images on BOTH sides A new feature has appeared in Grindr v.3 : now you can NOT anymore delete previous pictures or messages you have sent to people !

After contact with Grindr support it is a deliberate change.

I hope we will be a lot of people to ask Grindr to remove this change !!

This change was first unnoticed, it was not mentionned in the the changes : it is nightmare !