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The team wore blue pants for several games in 1995–no longer a part of the team’s wardrobe– and permanently switched from a blue to a gray facemask).Chiefs: Kansas City sported the same uniform until this year’s AFL Legacy celebration.

This occurred in 20 when they wore throwbacks as mandated by the league for Thanksgiving Day games.Our head coach loves black so any black jerseys or hat designs would be outstanding. As with the Design-A-Cap contest, I would ask that when you have your design(s) ready, please send them to me and put as your “SUBJECT” line: Design A Uniform Contest.You can also E-mail me at that address if you have any questions.Raiders: Like the Chiefs, Oakland’s steak of uniform consistency was broken by league-mandated AFL Legacy celebration.“As you can see, these teams were mostly eliminated for use of throwbacks that were mandated by the league, instead of issued by the team itself.