German slave chat

(to the shivering Slaves) Good evening-I'm looking for a pair of slave traders that go by the'name of The Speck Brothers.

The Speck Brothers have been watching this tenderfoot engage their Slave in polite conversation..

A long grey winter'coat, over a grey three piece business suit, and a grey bowler hat on his head.

DICKY SPECK Who's that stumblin around in the dark? THE RIDER Calm yourselves gentlemen, I mean you no harm. The Rider dressed in business grey pulls his horse to a stop in front of the two Slavers, and their Slaves, lifting the lantern up to his face. THE RIDER (to the Slavers) Good cold evening gentlemen.

When the dead weight horse lands on Dicky's slightly twisted leg, we hear TWO DISTINCT CRACKING SOUNDS.:.. But I didn't want you to do anything rash before you had a moment to come to your senses. LIGHTS the lantern, illuminating himself, as he stands over Dicky's body. I only shot your brother, once he threatened to shoot me. (COUNTING OUT THE SLAVES) .one, two, three, four, five, six, seven witnesses who can attest to that fact.

German slave chat-6German slave chat-46

does Roy, the Slave in lead position on the chain gang.

slightly moving in unison, resemble a human locomotive. A SOUND and a SMALL LIGHT appears ahead of them on the road.

The Slaves shiver from the cold on their shirtless backs, both Speck Brothers wear rawhide winter coats with white fur linings, and white fur collars. This makes the Slave Traders stop their human live stock, and ready their rifles for possible trouble. Fritz, does a little bow with his head, a neat trick the doctor taught him.

We may or may not notice a tiny small "r" burned into his cheek ("r" for runaway), but we can't help but notice his back which has been SLASHED TO RIBBONS by Bull Whip Beatings.

Now Spaghetti Western Flashbacks are never pretty, it's usually the time in the film when the lead character thinks back to the most painful memory inflicted on him or his loved ones from evil characters from his past.