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If the landlord wishes to enter the property to make repairs they must give you at least 24 hours' notice, unless there is an emergency.

The toilet is blocked, you can't clear it with a plunger and the landlord can't be contacted. For urgent repairs in this situation, you can contract a tradesperson yourself and pass on the costs to the landlord. Where there is no fixed term, tenants must give 21 days' written notice, unless the landlord agrees to allow a shorter time.

The landlord must give you at least 48 hours' notice and not more than 14 days' notice of a visit.

Service tenancies are covered by the Residential Tenancies Act but have special rules relating to rent paid in advance and notices to quit. If you pay by cheque, automatic payment or direct debit, the landlord does not have to provide a receipt.We suggest you get more details from Tenancy Services if you are about to enter a service tenancy. A landlord can ask for up to 2 weeks' rent in advance but only 1 week's rent in advance if rent is to be paid weekly. In practice, you won't need one, as your bank will be able to provide a record of your rent payments. Rent increases cannot be less than 6 months apart and can only be made after the landlord has provided 60 days' notice. No, there are no restrictions on the amount by which rent may be increased.Boarding house tenancy covers one or more boarding rooms in a house with shared facilities for at least 6 tenants for more than 28 days. If you think your rent is too high, check the rents charged for properties similar to yours.Option money A landlord may ask for "option money": no more than 1 week's rent in advance as a deposit for holding a house or flat.It must be refunded or put towards your rent if you take up the tenancy. "Key money" is money demanded by the landlord for giving you the tenancy (excluding rent, bond or an agent's or solicitor's fees). A landlord cannot ask for 0 before supplying the key to the house or for a deposit on a washing machine or money for anything else supplied with the tenancy.