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If your recipients aren’t using Outlook 2010 or Exchange Server 2010, they will be able to see the categories you set.

New to Outlook 2010, Quick Steps give you the ability to perform multiple actions in one click.

This article was written by the product team that created Microsoft Outlook 2010 for the best possible reason — our customers asked.

Outlook 2010 is designed to be used by a wide audience with many work needs and styles.

Favorites give visibility to folders that are otherwise buried in your mail folder list.

Marking @ before certain categories helps to keep these categories at the top of your category list and reminds you of where you should be when you are performing this task (for example, @Phone is "at the phone").Top of Page The goal of organizing your Outlook is to reduce the amount of unnecessary "noise" in your Inbox and to make the most important items bubble to the top.Rules help this process by moving messages into folders based on criteria that you set.Search folders can be especially useful when you need to gather information that is saved in different folders — for example, when preparing for a quarterly meeting.If you receive a large volume of messages (more than 200 messages a day), search folders might be a good way for you to parse mail from different senders.