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Saturday DEC 9 10AM - 1PM Erdington Methodist Church, Station Road/Wesley Road, Erdington B23 6TX There will be various stalls including craft, gifts, The Body Shop and jewellery. Food and drinks will be available to buy - sausage and bacon baps, tea/coffee and also a cake stall. Everyone's welcome so please feel free to share with your family & friends!More - https:// Court Lane Allotments Christmas Fair The man is believed to have fallen from a loft at a property off Gravelly Lane and then shuffled to his front door (November 18th 2017).q=prs Pmb GT_k7zyenhpl0b RMJm7OPs U4SBw Mb3o4ysa Y0Cs Th5h BPe FR_Xxr Ax B8rqg Hiy149Ku Y7X-o WBg3_O_NNl UBKqc KIr SVxx1t NYocyi2CZLjyv2m Umle Pd Swasvd6RCeiimb LCBwmj8br9XO-JBu7Zgd C7EP0Mq-g4_GNA,&h=wz3xrany Y-Ex4r Lh0d3zmf HAXy M,&t=59ad8f14 Lamp P2 Somerton Drive is out - has been for some months apparently.Council update - "One of my Street Lighting Team has now assessed the street light in question.Eight people were evacuated from the Hairways hair salon next door as well as one resident from a flat above the chip shop.Read more at - injured in three-vehicle crash - Turfpits Lane Click for poster - Rose And Crown pub is now called Rosey Macs - https:// Alley Boarded Up Clean up requested of Dean Road, Oliver Road, Johnson Road - New 65 bus timetable - major project to regenerate Perry Common has taken a step nearer completion with the beginning of the final phase of the development.

It is the best way for you and your neighbours to hear whats happening in your local community.

(I work on Aston Lane so have to walk from the train station). " t the junction of Goosemoor Lane and Top Croft Road - apparently just after 7am on Sunday 15th October.

The gridlock at rush hour is ridiculous (both ways). Avoid Aston Lane and any route via Witton Train station. A car (seemingly coming from the Gravelly Lane direction) collided with a lamp post and the Top Croft street sign on the pavement before ploughing into the front garden fence of a house there - anyone standing on the pavement at the time would've been badly injured, or worsehis little beauty came to us on Saturday afternoon after a nasty run in with a car.

Cars are swerving into oncoming traffic to avoid the potholes making it very dangerous for road users - There is a mattress and other rubbish in The Spinney - From Erdington Conservatives; "We have recently been informed that the Labour controlled City Council are putting together proposals to build on yet more of Erdington's green open space.

The area they are looking to build on is the public open space between Kirkwood Avenue and Littlecote Drive.