Dating old buildings

The Art Deco movement spread throughout the world between 19 and this style is still being used in buildings such as the Suncoast Casino and adjacent hotel.Art Deco broke from the popular colonial buildings of the time that dominated Durban.Whaling peaked in 1954 with the Company catch of 2438 whales and the company employed 830 personnel but the record overall catch by Whalers peaked in 1965 with a total catch of 3860 whales within 150 miles of Durban.(Ref: Captain Tony Pearse - "African Keyport" - 1995).Some of the more interesting images are street views of Gillespie Street, Hunter Street, Milne street with its St Michaels Lutheran Church, Morrison Street with the old City Breweries, the Old Fort Road Jewish Club & Holocaust Centre, the Somtseu Road Baptist Church (1909) and the beautiful Somtseu Road Hindu Temple. 143 Photos This second album on Durban's Marine Parade features more images of Durban's Beaches, piers and city skyline as well as some images of the Shembe baptisms which takes place on a regular basis.

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Included also are images of 109 Riley Road, one of the older remaining homes in the area, constructed of wood and iron.The house gets its name from the Elephants who used to make their way up what is now Florida Road from the coast to their feeding grounds in the Umgeni Springfield area.They apparently used to pass close by to the house and occasionally attempted to remove the veranda posts.This album has photos along this beach area with a range of varying moods from sunrise to sunset along with aerial views of the beaches.92 Photos This album has a wide ranges of images from sites in the immediate vicinity of the beachfront all the way from the new developments on the Point to the flats in Sol Harris Crescent. Tambo Parade) is a feast of images covering the impressive beach front flats, hotels , Finlayson Pools, Promenade, Ushaka Marine World, Amphitheatre, Natal Command, Suncoast Casino, Art Deco buildings and aerial views of the beach front among many other images.