Dating fender telecaster pickups

There’s a reason Telecasters have been on so many famous recordings and stages.This one, with its comfy feel and sparkly tones will definitely remind you why.

It’s a little bit like you picked up a grizzled veteran’s workhorse Tele that he has done a thousand gigs on.

It would be easy to look at these guitars and say to yourself, “Just what the world needs: another Strat and another Telecaster.” But if you dismiss these instruments so cavalierly, you do so at your own peril, because they are not exactly what they appear to be.

Allow me to explain…AMERICAN STANDARD STRATOCASTER (and that would be a lot of us) has a soft spot in their heart for blue Strats.

) It adds up to a guitar that feels much more like a vintage instrument even when it’s brand new.

All the care that Fender took in selecting the various bridge components seems to have paid off in the form of a big acoustic ring and sustain.