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From upper left: Nicosia city skyline, Ledra Street at night, courtyard of Nicosian houses, Venetian walls of Nicosia, a Nicosian door in the old town, the Buyuk Han, a quiet neighbourhood in the old town, Venetian houses, Nicosia Christmas fair, Makariou Avenue at night The south's urban includes the municipalities of Nicosia (south), Agios Dometios, Egkomi, Strovolos, Aglantzia, Lakatameia, Anthoupolis, Latsia and Yeri.

The Frankish rule of Cyprus started from 1192 and lasted until 1489.

During this time, Nicosia was the capital of the medieval Kingdom of Cyprus, the seat of Lusignan kings, the Latin Church and the Frankish administration of the island.

The north's includes North Nicosia, Gönyeli, Gerolakkos and Kanli.) is the largest city on the island of Cyprus.

It is located near the centre of the Mesaoria plain, on the banks of the River Pedieos.

During the Frankish rule, the walls of the city were built along with many other palaces and buildings, including the gothic St. The tombs of the Lusignan kings can be found there.

The exonym Nicosia appeared with the arrival of the Lusignans.

If you have seen a few so called adult dating sites boasting that their membership is completely free at all levels, it is because they are not truly ADULT dating sites.The French-speaking Crusaders either could not, or did not care to, pronounce the name Lefkosia, and tended to say "Nicosie" translated into Italian and then internationally known as "Nicosia".In 1489, when Cyprus came under the rule of the Republic of Venice, Nicosia became their administrative centre and the seat of the Republic.Nicosia is the capital and seat of government of Cyprus, and as such is the farthest southeast of all EU member states' capitals.It has been continuously inhabited for over 4500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century.