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When the time comes to draw retirement revenue from the plan, the annuitant rather than the subscriber adds this revenue to the total annual taxable income.

An important characteristic of the spousal plan is the requirement that withdrawals begin at age 71; this applies to the annuitant and not to the subscriber of the plan.

And that's not all: anytime you make a withdrawal from your TFSA, you'll recover your contribution room in subsequent years.

All Canadian residents aged 18 years and older can invest up to ,000 per year in a TFSA.

To learn more about the TSFA (Application Forms) The self-directed RRSP allows you to defer taxation and benefit from after-tax returns for contributions made until you decide to use your savings.

Contributions must be made in the form of cash or securities.

The RRSP can take a variety of forms such as the spousal RRSP or the Locked-In Retirement account.

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At your request, a representative will set up one of these services.

The conversion of an RRSP must take place by December 31 of the year the holder turns 71.

Consult the descriptions that follow for more information on other registered accounts.

The Canadian tax system is organized so that the tax rate increases with income.

The fact that income is taxed at the marginal tax rate is an important notion to consider when developing a retirement plan.