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It's obvious you didn't even looked at the watch list." I did look at the watch list but stocks don't go up just because it's on Nate's watchlist. But hey if you buy the DVDs well now you get special attention. I will do a separate review on the DVDs but I made sure I watched both DVDs twice before I started the chat room service.

I messaged other mods about other stocks but never got a reply. Nate is good at what he does and is a great trader, He doesn't alert all his entry nor his exits. Cam was very helpful and he gave me access to the DVDs first and then turn on the chat room service when I was ready.

The only good thing is that they keep it strictly to stock action. But the bad parts about the chat room outweighs the good parts especially at that price.1.

I know not to follow the stock picks blindly, but it would be good to review the mod's trades at the end of the day to try to learn what they see. If you don't vibe with Nate's style of trading, you're out of luck.2. If you have a big enough account to "size in and size out," then this service is for you.

He trades a lot of higher priced stocks (ie TWTR or JNUG) where you need to size in and out, but if you have a smaller account where commissions matter, then you can't really do that.

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