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Truthfully, disabled people are just as complex as their able-bodied counterparts, and they have nuanced stories I’ve enjoyed getting the chance to tell—first on my blog and then as a freelancer for a number of different publications.

Although I’ve penned plenty of stories unrelated to CP, I sometimes worry about becoming a one-note writer.

A huge barrier however stands between the two, securing the date.

While I possess no scientific study to back the following up I speculate the cerebral palsy population receives more rejections than their able-bodied peers.

Such thoughts allow cerebral palsy not only to interfere with finding love but can prevent you from looking.

Conquering the negative self-talk removes one obstacle and lands you closer to addressing the logistical issues.

I wonder if I’m destined to only be associated with the exact thing I’d prefer to minimize.

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Having gone ahead and chosen to take my professor’s comment as advice instead of insult, I believe she meant well. But I’m not really trying to respond to her comment.Then, in 2009, I moved into an apartment in Queens, landed a journalism internship, and signed up for that writing course I had audited, this time as a paying student.I knew a good professor when I met one, even if she had intimidated, and maybe insulted, me.” or “Who wants to go out with somebody with a hunched posture?” prevented me from even asking a girl out until college.