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That’s kind of up to them; whether or not they’re going to have success and have a full understanding of what this site is and how it’s different from a regular dating site is also out of our control.Addis: That’s interesting, and what do you think people find dangerous or taboo about sugaring and how do you use Let’s Talk Sugar to kind of combat those ideas? There’s always concern surrounding safety and the Internet provides a kind of anonymity so people have room to be jerks.And many sugar babies are new, a lot of them are young and have never heard of these old school “Nigerian Prince”-like Internet scams.So as a result they often lack common sense, so we have all kinds of content and information out there to protect them.When I was in college I worked at Sephora, and I did some assistant freelance makeup on the side.I ended up being a makeup assistant for one of Seeking Arrangement’s photo-shoots (because we’re all here in Las Vegas) and I ended up meeting Brandon Wade and Jennifer Gwynn (who is now the VP of Seeking Arrangement) and she offered me a job.

He lived in Florida, and obviously I live here in Las Vegas, so he would fly me back and forth, going on vacations, buying me designer bags that I’d never heard of, etc.I get emails everyday from sugar babies saying things like: “Oh, I just had a great conversation with a potential sugar daddy, but it’s strange, he wants me to send over my username and password. So I think that in general is something that we just are working really hard to combat.We’ve grown exponentially in the past few years and it’s become a target for these types of scammers. Brook: There’ this podcast called Reply All about the Internet, and they did this investigative report on a scam.So I didn’t do anything on Seeking Arrangement, but ended up doing makeup for them years later. I would recommend to anyone to have standards and to not be afraid to have people spend money on you and buy you things.And on set they were like “This is the founder of Seeking Arrangement” and I said “Oh! I know that a lot of women and men are uncomfortable with that.