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They were persecuted, they were condemned to the bonfire, they were mutilated, they were tortured, they were imprisoned, etc., etc., etc. You say that the Church should not be self-referential or Gnostic. Bergoglio, know that Gnosis is no other thing than a revealing and liberating knowledge that liberates every human creature of his demons and allows him, therefore, to stop being sinful and terminate turned into a true son of God.

And now you speak of a Church supported by the Holy Spirit? It is a shame that you and your cardinals do not tell your parishioners that it was thanks to the help of the gnostics that the people knew to see Jesus as the Messiah and not John the Baptist. Bergolgio: The Nazarenes were known as Baptists, Sabeans and Christians of St. His belief was that the Messiah was not the son of God, but simply a prophet who wanted to follow John. II, page 150) notes that there are some who say of John the Baptist that he was the anointed (Christus).

Looking at it all as the Big Picture, from above as it were; we are our own soul, interconnectedness to all Souls; who happen to be living in the material body that has Egos, during this round or incarnation.

But this is not achieved from night to morning, most worthy Mr. This is a fruit of an intense work of psychoanalysis combined with meditations, prayers, serious reflections, fasts, sacrifice, works for others and, above all, Mr.BUT, as our soul is ours for the Taking to awaken-enlighten, or selling out to the ones flattering our ego the best; WE NEED NOT FEAR ANYTHING; by simply gnosis-ing ourself (our personalitys set of egos and virtues we live by).Every day-hour-minute-second-instant we are choosing to react to life as our ego dictates, or live-life (consciously) as our Soul seeks to Be.When the metaphysical conceptions of the gnostics, who saw the Logos and the Anointed in Jesus, began to gain ground, the first Christians separated from the doctrines of the Nazarenes, who accused Jesus of perverting the doctrines of John and of changing the Baptism in the Jordan for another. 109.) You and your Church claim not to be self-referential, but it was you yourselves who interposed to the Church that you founded between the Creator and the suffering humanity.And you and your brotherhood of crime have always claimed that the Kingdom of Heavens can only be reached through your Holy Apostolic Roman Church.