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An overview of Viewed Pages and Web Content from John, rated T (Teen) and higher.This also includes entries blocked by the Covenant Eyes Filter that are rated T (Teen) and higher.This report has a Sensitivity Level set at Teen (T).This means any activity from John, which Covenant Eyes rated at Teen or above, will be flagged for your review.If you believe that a website was rated too high or too low, please feel free to .If you believe that Internet activity is not showing up, keep in mind that it can take up to 24 hours for activity to appear on the Accountability Report.Reddit is a social app that has many great categories to explore.Unfortunately, some categories may not be appropriate for younger children and teens.

The study suggests that children are most likely to post an image or video of themselves online or set up a fake profile for the first time at the age of 11, try Twitter and message a stranger at 12 and try services like Snap Chat and at the age of 13.

Circumventing your employer's network monitoring on all but the most occasional basis is certain to throw up a red flag in the IT department and could even get you fired in some cases (depending upon your employment contract). While I find that kind of monitoring creepy, I don't consider it an invasion of privacy in any legal sense.

In fact, your employer has every right to do it if you have stipulated as such in your at-will employment contract.

Content consistently includes violence, drinking / drug use, language and sexual content. Like Periscope, you are able to broadcast live video at any time.

While there is a 'reporting' feature, content is unchecked and unmonitored, allowing for language, drug / alcohol use, and sexual content.