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Release date: October 2011 Rating: 8 on IGN Genre: Role-playing, Action adventure, toys-to-life Suitable for: Ages 9 and up Also available on: Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, OS X Buy Katamari Forever For ₹ 3,012 @ Katamari Forever brings the best of the previous three titles in the Katamari series of video games.

The white orb on top of the wand can change color based on the colors in the user’s environment.

These are not real websites but most of the domains are owned by Rockstar Games and redirects to the official GTA IV website in real life.

The Wikipedia links in brackets refer to the real life websites it is believed the game's websites parody.

The Play Station 3 or PS3 game is the third edition of the gaming console developed by Sony.

Released in 2006, the PS3 is one of the best gaming consoles in the market today. You also get a SATA hard disk drive, with a storage capacity between 60GB and 500GB.