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That's why the new Quadri*Sil; with its innovative and reliable four point sealing system offers an insulator with redundant defense mechanisms against moisture ingress, and therefore a much more dependable insulator against brittle fracture.

- top - Our integral Corona Shielding Rings and End Fittings have been designed using electric field analysis simulations in order to reduce electrical gradients which can create corona/RIV and damage the polymer material next to the end fittings.

You may also consult your HPS representative for application engineering assistance.

- top - - top - We use a crimper to perform a uniform radial crimp with 8 die shoes which create a constant compression around the periphery of the end fitting until a statistically defined pressure is achieved.

Boron Free fiber glass rod will only delay the brittle fracture by eliminating the possibility for Boric Acid to form, but since there will be other acids that will form, (such as Nitric Acid) brittle fracture will still take place but at a much slower pace.

The nitric and boric acids attack the resin matrix and create a transverse (90deg) fracture to the plies (bundles) of fiberglass.And third, 100% of the units manufactured are tested to the RTL.E stands for Electrical Grade Glass, CR stands for Corrosion Resistant.There are several steps to ensure a successful and reliable crimp.First, we perform thorough quality control checks for all our incoming component parts and materials; we check dimensions, galvanizing, material composition, etc.