Are robert fairchild and tiler peck dating

Over the years, their paths crossed in both work and love, and after a few hiccups of breaking up and reuniting, they realized it was for keeps in 2011.After a wildly romantic proposal at the Sacré-Coeur in Paris (a trip that Robbie told Tiler was for press images), the two set their wedding date for this past June — appropriately in NYC, since the city played a lead role in their story.This is the situation Peck and Fairchild found themselves in after they tied the knot in June of 2014: Peck went to Washington, D.C., to workshop the Susan Stroman Degas-inspired musical Tiler Peck: I remember when he got the Broadway show everybody was like "Oh my gosh, you must be so excited you don't have to see him 24/7." And I was like "I married him because I love him and all we've ever known is to be together 24/7." We grew up together in the dorms [at School of American Ballet] since we were 14, and we've always just seen each other.So it was actually like we were being normal people, coming home and just seeing each other at night.Robert Fairchild: It was a real adjustment for us at the beginning.

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"Meditation has provided me a new perspective," he says.

But what are the benefits for dancers specifically?

It's easy to look at New York City Ballet principal dancers and newlyweds Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild and think: This is what fairytale romance looks like.

In class we could see each other from our barre spots and smile and know the other person was there. I felt like we had to make it a point to reach out to the other person.

Robert Fairchild: There's been two versions of us: The married couple who's had to work apart and the married couple that works together.

Are robert fairchild and tiler peck dating