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Just three weeks to go to the opening of the salmon season on the Drowes on Tuesday January 1st 2013.Fishing will commence as usual at 8.30 am on New Year’s morning.

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Many sites encourage users to report harassing or dubious content.

Other features can include instant messengers, voice chat application, wireless notification, integrated daily journals and guest books.

Adult content is a concern for those browsing webcam sites. On others, such content is allowed but only in a designated adult section which is unavailable to general viewers and is often rated according to the nature of the material.

We really aren't drunk all the time (I'm only half-cut right now, for example), and we usually fight with each other instead of strangers - we pride ourselves on our hospitality (another cliché that is true: the Irish really are welcoming).

Just leave your prejudice against red-heads at home when doing so and indulge us in our ways.