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They remain married until 2004 and since then, she has been living with her son Alfie in West Sussex.

Uma Karuna Thurman (ex-wife) Duration of Marriage: 1990 – 1992 (2 years) Date of Birth: April 29, 1970 Zodiac sign: Taurus The (1990).

They were married in no time but just as quickly, their marriage ended after two years.

Thurman is an award-winning actress and a model with the reputation of being a sex symbol in the 19990s.

He was recognised as one of the best male performances in the year 1992 and he gradually became the goo to man when a villain was needed on set.

Gary Oldman is one out of the few Hollywood actors that have made a name in the industry for their passionate acting style and on-screen diversity.Leonard Oldman (father) Date of Birth: May 21, 1921 Month of Death: October 1985 (aged 64) Zodiac Sign: Gemini Leonard was at some point a sailor then he also worked as a welder.His son Gary described him as an alcoholic who left the family when his only son was only seven., Oldman’s upcoming biopic about Winston Churchill.At one point, they compare the multi-talented historical figure to Donald Trump: “It’s safe to say we don’t have leaders like that anymore,” White says.